About us

Fryqua, a notable company since 2000 in security monitoring and data protection. Our mission is to provide powerful, affordable and easy-to-implement security solutions to organisations of all sizes. We embrace the power of digital security and recognize the value of time. That’s why we are ready to protect your digital world.

What we do

Fryqua offers powerful security solutions for monitoring and protecting data. Our advanced systems are continuously guarding networks and systems to detect threats, such as ransomware and unauthorised access to sensitive data. This way we minimalise risks for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your most important data.


Why choose Fryqua?


We strive to offer affordable solutions that provide organizations of every size and budget access to high-quality security monitoring and data protection.


Whether you’re a growing small business or a established company with complex security needs, our solutions adapt to support your growth. We offer flexible pricing plans and customization options to accommodate your growth.


Our solutions able to be implemented fast and can seamlessly integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, with a focus on minimal implementation time.

We have the solutions that fit every organization, budget and size.

Anomaly detection

Our anomaly detection is a powerful security function that identifies unusual user activity in real-time, which enables potential threats to be identified and dealt with quickly. With advanced technology we provide constant monitoring to ensure the security of your digital environment.

Ransomware detection

Our ransomware detection is an essential security function that identifies ransomware attacks proactively and stops them before they can cause damage. With advanced and real-time monitoring we keep a close watch on your digital environment, immediately detecting suspicious activity.

Cloud monitoring

Our cloud monitoring is specialized in guarding access to files and data in the cloud, such as OneDrive. Our real-time monitoring and instant alerts ensure quick detection of unauthorized access and suspicious activities, keeping your cloud data secure.


We provide expert advice on configuring monitoring tools, enabling you to proactively manage and secure access to your files and data. Collaborating with our consultants maximizes your investment, with the reassurance that your data is safe.

Security monitoring is no longer an option, but a strategic necessity. It ensures both continuity and your reputation.

Take the first step towards a safer digital world

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