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Discover Fryqua

Fryqua currently offers extensive security and monitoring functionalities that enable organizations to effectively protect their digital environment. However, we continue to innovate and consistently work on new modules and functions to provide our customers with more possibilities and flexibility in the future. Discover Fryqua and the immediately available functionalities now.


Our monitoring solution enables customers to combine all their monitoring necessities into one management dashboard. Furthermore, integration with other monitoring solutions is possible, making switching between different programs not needed.

Fryqua Data

Fryqua Data monitores for unusual behaviour during access, processing and handling of sensitive information. This process utilizes specific rules and an ‘agent’ that detects deviations and promptly notifies administrators.

Fryqua Cloud

Fryqua Cloud offers the same functionalities as Fryqua Data, but is specifically developed for the cloud environment, such as OneDrive, to ensure data protection in the cloud. It warns administrators immediately upon detection of unusual activity.

Fryqua Infra

Fryqua Infra monitors for abnormal behaviour in the network infrastructure, including performance issues and unusual data processing. This is done using designated rules and an ‘agent’ that detects deviations and immediately notifies administrators.

Ransomware Detection

Our ransomware-detection module in Fryqua enables users to quickly and effectively respond to ransomware attacks. With the use of preset rules, our ransomware detection can block ransomware and alert administrators for further action.

Live Support

All our plans include a high-quality Dutch helpdesk to support our customers with various requests that contribute to securing their environment.

Our plans are fair and scalable, ensuring that you only pay for what you truly need.

A plan for every business and budget

For Fryqua Data we offer various pricing plans tailored to the amount of users per month. Our rates are designed to meet diverse needs, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits you and your organization.

1 year

A yearly license offers you as customer the flexibility and control needed in a fast changing world of technology and security. This short-term model allows you to explore Fryqua and utilize our solutions without long-term commitments.

€ 6

per user / month *

3 years (chosen most)

Our most popular choice among organizations seeking sustainable security and cost efficiency, is our 3-year license. With this multi-year commitment, you gain access to powerful security solutions and lower monthly costs per user.

€ 4,75

per user / month *

5 years

Our 5-year license offers powerful, longlasting security and significant cost savings. It is the ideal choice for organizations wishing to strengthen their long-term security, with the assurance of financial benefits and reduces monthly costs per user.

€ 4

per user / month *

* The prices are excluding BTW and based on a maximum of 2000 users. If you have more users, please contact us for a customized price-plan.


Expand your monitoring further with Fryqua Infra.

If you decide to choose the annual plan for Fryqua Data, it is possible to expand this with Fryqua Infra. This not only provides you with access to extensive data monitoring, but also allows you to profit from the advances infrastructure Fryqua Infra provides. This seamless integration allowes you to fill all your monitoring needs and provides an extensive solution for your data as well as your infrastructure. It enables you to fully protect and secure your digital environment with one integrated system. This provides ease, efficiency, and greater control over your IT-environment. Interested? Contact us for a customized plan.

Interested? Contact us for a customized price-plan.


€ 1.000

excl. BTW per business / year

multi-year plan

Why choose a multi-year plan?

We can offer individual functionalities to fully cater to the unique needs and budgets of our customers. However, when choosing a multi-year plan, it comes with even more benefits. Our long-term partners gain direct access to all current fuctionalities of Fryqua at a fixed price per user. This ensures that your organization stays ahead in security possibilities and challenges without extra costs. Furthermore, we focus extensively on understanding the needs of our customers. This enables us to work together with them to adress their challenges, providing useful insights. We use the insights to continuously improve our products. This way our customers benefit in the long term from increasingly improved solutions.

Hestitating which price-plan to choose? Let us advice you and together we will come up with a fitting plan.