Our product

Fryqua Security Monitoring

In the current digital world of increasing datatheft, the security of sensitive data is essential. Traditional security means are often inadequate. Fryqua offers advanced realtime monitoring to proactively detect unauthorized access to important data. It will immediately warn when suspicious acitivity is detected and offers ultimate protection against ransomware. For more information on our products, please see below.​

Fryqua Data

Fryqua Data keept a watchful eye on internal data activity by placing agents on every fileserver that holds important data. These agents send constant notifications to our central Fryqua Server, who in turn generates immediate alerts. This positions Fryqua to monitor all (external) management tasks and prevent potential dataleaks from originating internally. This includes situations where third parties working on behalf of your organization are involved.

Another advantage of Fryqua Data is its ability to detect malware such as the ‘Trojan Horse’. This type of malware can hide in legitimate applications, often escaping detection by antivirus software. Fryqua Data serves as a second line of defense and will promptly issue a warning when detecting suspicious activity.

Cloud monitoring

Fryqua Cloud

With Fryqua’s advanced cloudmonitoring-solution we can ensure the integrity and security of your valuable data on cloudplatforms such as OneDrive. Our extension allows us to not only monitor activities on our platform, but also identify potential dataleaks and breaches before they can escalate to bigger incidents. Fryqua’s capability to do this ensures that we can protect your data both on-premises and in the cloud.

Infra monitoring

Fryqua Infra

Fryqua Infra is an advanced, yet user-friendly monitoring solution that monitors and protects your ICT-environment effortlessly: from IT-systems and devices to networks and applications. This solution detects potential malfunctions early and prevents costly downtimes. Out monitoring solution integrates seamlessly into pre-existing company-infrastructures and supports devices using TCP/IP and/or SNMP-protocols.

We understand that every customer has unique needs. That’s why we adjust our monitoring to your specific needs. Whether you only need downtime monitoring or want an in-depth insight into the performance and availability of your ICT-environment, Fryqua offers extensive possibilities.

What really sets Fryqua apart, is that we not only monitor IT processes and offer support with solving upcoming incidents, but also make valuable reports on these events. This allowes you to take appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.