About us

Our history

In 2000 Fryqua, then called Triangle Solutions, started in Fryslân as an initiative with a clear goal: a user-friendly, efficient and fast to implement tool without unnecessary features and expensive consultancy. In collaboration with University of Groningen they developed the TSMS Solutions Monitoring System, known as Fryqua Infra in 2023. At that time, cumbersome software packages with unnecessary functions and costly, non customer-friendly solutions dominated the market.
our mission

Business without 'the yada yada'

At Fryqua it is our mission to be a trustworthy IT service provider and knowledge partner, with a sharp focus on data protection and monitoring without ‘the yada yada’. We offer support and service without unexpected costs, ensuring a reliable and stress-free experience for our customers. Our services and solutions are designed to quickly and effortlessly be implemented, without the need for expensive consultancies or excessive functions. We achieve this by putting our customers at the centre and prioritising their needs.

Our belief in good communication leads to close collaboration with our clients, with as goal to provide them the best possible service. Our helpdesk always strives to go the extra mile and exceed the expectations of our customers, so that they can rely on the highest quality of service and support.

In short, we strive to deliver solutions and services, supported by exceptional service, with an unwavering commitment to our customers and a deep-rooted passion for IT

Our vision

Attentive listening to our customers is the key to our success.

Fryqua strives to be an engaging conversational- and knowledge partner, without hidden costs and empty promises. We continue to listen to the wishes and needs of our target audience, constantly developing new services without straying from our core values, all the while maintaining global growth.

Our core values

Reliability and trust

We believe that digital transformation relies on a solid base of stability and trust. As an IT service provider and knowledge partner, we have committed ourselves to providing services that our customers can trust. We do this without ‘yada yada’, without surprises in the form of hidden costs or unexpected challenges..

Ease and efficiency

Our solutions are designed to simplify complex IT challenges in the field of security monitoring. We embrace the power of simplicity and efficiency, allowing our customers to quickly and without unnecessary costs benefit from our services.

Customer-centricity and adaptability

At Fryqua the customer is always central to our activities. We listen attentively to their needs and adjust our services and solutions to best fit those needs. We see ourselves as partners in the digital journey of our customers and are determined to provide the best possible service.

Transparancy and collaboration

We believe in open communication and collaboration with our customers. Transparency is the key to building sustainable relationships. We share our knowledge and expertise to be able to grow together.

Passion for IT and innovation

Our deep-rooted passion for IT forms the core of our identity. We embrace continual innovation and strive to be at the forefront of technological developments. .

Growing with integrity

As we pursue our vision of growth, we maintain our commitment to the essential core values and strive to keep understanding our customers. Our services expand without deviating from the principles that shaped us.

How resilient are you against cybercriminals?

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